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photo of Carole Reed (Happy Sort)


Hello, my name is Carole and I live in the Chew Valley near Bristol with my family.

I've known from a young age that I wanted a job where I could support people. I gained a degree in Sociology and English and then a Masters and Diploma in Social Work . I spent ten years working in a hospital in London where I assisted people to return to their own homes following a period of illness or accident. I worked with the palliative care team for two of those years. Since having my children, I have worked as a volunteer for Age UK and then took a paid role with them.

 I have followed with interest, the increased understanding we now have about hoarding (at the extreme end of the scale) and a culture where we are encouraged to have more things on the promise of being happier. I completed a training course in hoarding with three leaders in this field in the UK; Jo Cooke  ( author of  Understanding Hoarding), Cherry Rudge (professional declutterer with Rainbow Red) and Heather Matuozzo ( set up Clouds End CIC, the Uk's first social enterprise dedicated to helping hoarders). I want to help people to enjoy their homes and live freer happier lives as a result. I can see the benefits personally to owning less 'stuff' and ensuring that everything has its place and having simple systems in place so that I can find things.

I work closely with social workers, Housing Associations, Environmental Health, G.P's, community health teams and also work under Hoarding Disorders UK.

Why call me?

I am used to working with people who are experiencing difficulties or challenges. In many cases, these are the reasons why clutter builds and can take over a home. I am an active listener, sensitive to the needs of others, organised, solution focussed, have a good sense of humour and would love to help you to start making positive changes in your life so that your house feels like home. My role is not to judge. It is to help you to achieve your goal which could be clearing a room, some cupboards, a garage, or your whole house.  Please get in touch.

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