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This list is not exhaustive but could indicate that you would benefit with streamlining your possessions. I can help you if you would like some support.

  • Are your cupboards bursting with clothes that you rarely wear? Are there clothes on the floor or the back of the chair because drawers or cupboards are full?

  • Do you have lots of the same thing that you don’t need duplicates for?

  • Do you lose things frequently which means that you have to buy an item again even though you know it is somewhere in your house?

  • Are there piles of paper in different drawers/kitchen work surfaces/desks/tables/the floor? Do you misplace important bills, letters, invites etc. This means you forget appointments, social gatherings, deadlines for payments/bookings.

  • Are you always looking for your keys, your glasses, your address book, your phone?

  • When you do have a clear out of your wardrobe, are you surprised to find items that you forgot were there?

  • Do you mean to have a clear out/tidy up but feel overwhelmed by the though/amount you need to do so you never actually start?

  • Do you feel ashamed to have people round to your house because of what they might think?

  • Are you doing less housework than you need to do because your collections prevent you from doing so.

  • Do you find yourself buying things because they are on offer even though you don’t  need them?

  • You have kept things stored away for years because you though that one day they would be useful, but you have never actually used them.

  • You have stopped eating your meals at the table because there is no room.

  •  You find it hard to get rid of things, even if they are broken or unusable.

If you are unhappy with the way that your possessions make you feel then please get in touch.

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