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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make me throw away all my things?

No I won't. But in order to get organised at home, it will be necessary for you to only keep the things that you really need and that are important to you. Other items can be sold, given to charity shops or friends and family. You make the decisions, I won't force you to do anything that you don't want to do.

How long are the visits?

The initial visit will be up to an hour and is free of charge. You can decide if I am the right person to help you and vice versa. I  prefer to work in three hour blocks after the initial visit but can be flexible We can have as many breaks as you need/want.

How do the visits work?

During the initial visit, I will ask you what you want done and we can get to know each other. If appropriate  I will do a short assessment of your home. and we can make a plan. We may do this on the first paid for visit. You can have a copy of all paperwork. Once we have made a plan we can start putting it into action.

Will you clean my house?

I am not a cleaner but as we clear stuff I will help you to dust and hoover those areas.

How long will it take?

This depends on how much you want to sort and how often you want to meet. Many people feel inspired after making a start and get things done quicker than they expected. I will try and give you a rough guide but often it is a case of seeing how things go.

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