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General Decluttering

Life can be very busy and overwhelming at times. I can help you to get certain rooms/your house back into order following (or living with ongoing) ill health or problems with mobility. It may be that you have good intentions to get organised but you are struggling to take that first step. You may not know or understand how things have got to a level that you are unhappy with but want to make changes.  

Possessions of a loved one who has died

It can be a difficult and emotional process going through the possessions of a loved one that has died. You know that it is going to be upsetting to sort through their things so it is easier not to do it. It can be beneficial to do it with someone else who is not a family member. I will help you decide what you would like to keep and help you to make arrangements for the rest.

Moving House

It is the perfect opportunity to go through your possessions when you move house. If you are an older person, you may be downscaling. I can help you decide what you want to take to your new home and help you to make arrangements for the rest.

Charity Shop

I can take items to the charity shop of your choice or I can arrange collection of larger items.

Selling online

I can advise you with this but you will be responsible for selling any items yourself.

Taking things to the recycling centre

I cannot take items to the recycling centre. This waste is known as trade waste and recycling centres in BANES 

will not accept it.


I charge £30 an hour

I cover roughly a 15 mile area from BS39.

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